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Pressure Washing - Tucson

pressure washing pavers

Pressure washing uses high-pressure water directed at a surface to break the mechanical bond of the attached stain or mark.  With pressure up to 3500 PSI, the directed spray is so powerful that if not used properly, it can damage the washed surfaces.  Tucson Pressure Wash is knowledgeable and experienced in the proper pressures and cleaning chemicals that should be used and on what surfaces.  Our service team has all the right equipment, accessories, and detergents to clean any surface.


    Whether you have residential, commercial, or industrial real estate cleaning challenges or vehicles that need washing, like auto or truck fleets, call us and we'll provide the best pressure washing and cleaning services for the best price in the Tucson area.  Customer satisfaction and superb value are the driving forces and underpinning in our company philosophy and are focused on every day to all TPW technicians.  We show up on time, prepared to resolve your issue to the best of our ability.

    Pressure cleaning has actually rapidly become one of the favored methods of cleaning a variety of surface areas in residential, commercial, and industrial areas.  From patio areas and walkways to property house exteriors, pressure washing is suitable in a variety of various cleansing contexts. It is an exceptional way of keeping or restoring the appearance of the house or business facility.  When utilized to deal with concrete sidewalks, pressure washing is a quick, simple, and effective way of removing all dirt, mold, mildew, grease, food stains, animal droppings, and other deposits that add to unsightliness.  If you are stressed over needing to invest time and energy replacing another stained deck, then pressure washing may be your answer, as it is among the very best ways to improve their longevity.

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