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Tucson Graffiti Removal

graffiti removal by pressure washing

Graffiti removal by Tucson Pressure Wash is your solution to an act of vandalism that conveys a deteriorating neighborhood and a gang presence.  Business owners are wise to the fact that graffiti drives away customers, but what many might not know is that removing it immediately is an important step in discouraging the taggers from hitting your building again.  Studies show that the immediate removal of graffiti disincentivizes the vandals.  Their goal is to have their tagging seen.  If it's removed immediately, their "work" isn't seen and their efforts have gone to waste.  They'll move on to easier targets that leave their shameful acts up for longer periods of time.  Tucson Pressure Wash prioritizes graffiti calls for commercial and residential property owners and does everything in our power to tackle those calls within 24 hours.  Our knowledge and use of the right ecologically friendly release agents, heated water, and appropriate washing pressures will eliminate the tagging without damaging porous surfaces.  So if you get hit by tagging give us a call and stop graffiti in its tracks.


    graffiti removal by power washing

    Graffiti Pretreat

    The first step to graffiti removal is using the correct pretreatment.  It's important to soak the area, getting the pretreat into the pores.  TPW prefers Elephant Snot for extremely porous surfaces, but there are other products for other surfaces as well.   It's advised to let sit for 20 minutes before washing.

    power washing graffiti off curb

    Power Washing

    ​The recommended next step is to power wash with 190 degree water at 1000 PSI.  But we find that it works best if you agitate it at 10 minutes with a soft bristle brush before washing.   We then go over the tagging multiple times making sure the marks are completely gone.

    power washing graffiti off brick

    Graffiti off Brick

    It's also advisable to position the fan spray at multiple angles to dislodge the remaining graffiti.  Depending on the porosity of the surface, sometimes it's necessary to repeat the entire process.  Regardless of what it takes, Tucson Pressure Wash will leave your structure free of annoying and customer-robbing graffiti.

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