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Pressure Washing Services - Tucson

residential pressure washing

    Tucson Pressure Wash offers a variety of washing services for the Tucson metro and surrounding areas.    We have the latest in equipment and accessories to wash your structure or vehicle for the lowest cost - and with customer service and satisfaction as our number one goal, you can be assured that the experience will be a good one.

    Our mission is to exceed your expectations and make you a customer for life.  Our friendly and professional technicians are experienced and knowledgeable in all types of washing and cleaning and have deep mastery of washing techniques, correct pressures, and temperatures, as well as wash solvents to clean every type of surface.  We stay at the forefront of pressure cleaning by attending seminars, conventions, manufacturer demos, and trade shows to stay current of the latest equipment, processes, and techniques to be leaders in our craft.  We guarantee your satisfaction and superb customer service from the moment you call until we're driving away from your job.  Take a look below at our services and click on the pics to get to a more detailed page.

    pressure washing residential wall

    Pressure washing uses a high output pump to pressurize the fan spray up to 4000 PSI.  This type of washing uses cold water  and is used on most residential areas and light commercial buildings.

    commercia frontl pressure washing

    Power washing uses a burner to heat the water to up to 250 degrees before pumping it through the hose to the pressurized spray.  Power washing is most suitable for heavily soiled commercial areas.

    pressure wash grafitti removal

    Graffiti removal entails the use of a pretreatment solvent to break down the graffiti before using power washing to wash it off.  Mastery of surface porosity and wash temperatures and pressures as well as graffiti removal solvents is key.

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