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Tucson Vehicle Washing

Fleet vehicle pressure washing

Have a fleet of vehicles out traveling the roads that are dirty, dingy, and look bad?  Do you see your vehicles return to the office, shop, or distribution facility so covered in grime that you can't even make out the company name or logo?  You spent a ton of money putting your name and logo on your trucks only to notice that they're so covered in dirt that anybody that sees it is only thinking about the filth and you recognize that your filthy company trucks give your customer's the sense that you're less than professional.


    Smart businesses, truck, fleet, or transportation managers realize that maintaining their vehicle fleets are a critical part of smart capital investment management.
    Contaminants like salt, oil, and road grime are corrosive and do damage to undercarriages and exterior paint finishes.  Protecting your capital investment as well as your company's brand image is just good business, and washing your company vehicles is an obvious step towards that goal that almost all companies enact.  Maybe you've even tried to implement a policy to have your operators' handle their own vehicle washes but come to find that they're just too busy with their normal daily functions to fit washing their rigs into their already hectic schedules.  Whatever the case, give Tucson Pressure Wash a call and we'll attend to your fleet of cars, trucks, or semi-trucks with the professional urgency you want and expect of your fleet washing company.

    Whether you have an onsite water supply or not, we have the equipment and water supply tanks necessary to get the job done right.  We only use soft brushes and ecologically-friendly, non-corrosive, and biodegradable cleaning products so you know you won't be hurting the environment or your vehicle's paint jobs.

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