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South Tucson Service Areas

Pressure washing with a surface cleaner at Kino Sports Complex in Tucson.

​Tucson Pressure Wash handles regular maintenance cleaning for lots of commercial facilities so that they remain clean and inviting to their customers.  Removal of gum, bird dropping, high traffic markings, and more leave the areas cleaned looking like new.  We work all over Tucson and have been branching out into South Tucson areas more and more.  Some of the areas and neighborhoods we've done pressure and power washing jobs in are Pueblo Gardens, Wakefield, Alvernon Heights, Kino Sports Complex, Roberts, Todd M. Harris Sports Complex, Dietz, Drexel, and by the Tucson VA Medical Center.   Most of the commercial customers in these areas have us clean their concrete and exterior building structures.  Tucson has a very rich history, so here's a little bit more about the various places we've provided pressure washing services.


    Kino Sports Complex

    Produced as a baseball-centric center in 1997, Kino Sports Complex has evolved into a premier multipurpose venue, utilized year-round for many different recreational and professional sports, and cultural occasions. On top of that, due to its distinctive design and more than 4,000 free parking spaces, the place can accommodate numerous events on the same day. It served as such for almost a decade. From 2011, Kino switched gears and turned into a preseason destination for MSL hosting a yearly preseason exhibition championship every year. Over the previous several decades, the complex has also hosted the federal Pac-12 Rugby Championships, welcomed federal college teams to clinics for its Arizona Bowl Championship, and also hosted global teams in Mexico and Korea for their spring training teams. Also, the facility annually hosts big community events, such as the Gem & Mineral Show, KFMA Day theater, Centurions, along with the Mexican Sports Fiesta. While the center caters to large scale events, it also frequently serves the recreational demands of the community and fosters the rise of amateur sports throughout Pima County. The direction of the complex is currently handled from the Pima County Stadium District, which is comprised of a skilled team of personnel with more than 20 years' expertise in facility operations and maintenance, event planning, grounds keeping, event administration and website development. When keeping up an elite facility is the priority, the District team discovered that it's equally important to produce a pleasant experience for occupants and guests alike. The places in Kino Sports Complex are divided into three major areas: the Kino Main Complex, Kino North Complex along with the Kino South Complex. Each area provides a succession of amenities acceptable for all sorts of occasions.

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